The look that’s stolen my heart right now is the classic trench teamed with laid-back neutrals (and black!). Whenever the winter season arrives here in South Africa, I am most excited to wear my trenches because of the effortless chic that they exude. Here, I’ve picked some of my favourites – I love pink and red, animal print, and of course, Burberry! Shop the look here:

  While Miranda Kerr loves her Balenciaga leather jacket, some of us will have to make do with more affordable options. Fear not – I have selected a few motorcycle jackets that are both trendy and work well with the female figure. Toss your jacket over a maxi red dress paired with simple black heels for extra va-va-voom on an evening out. You can also go old school and wear it á… Read More

  Lately, I’ve been gearing up for Autumn (Fall) by trying to get some brightly coloured fashion pieces together. I know this is like the total opposite of my usual “all black errrthang” approach to fashion, but I figured that a honey yellow coat – á la Christian Dior, Fall 2014 – would do wonders in dreary weather. Shop the look here:

  I have a non-secret obsession with strappy shoes – the more OTT, the better! I personally blame it on the fact that I have tiny feet, and it’s like I’m trying to dress them up and make them more noticeable. My fave colour is black, of course! Buy these shoes here:

  Hello to all my lovely readers! Today I’ve decided to make a really personal post – one that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. It’s a style guide for females on my campus (at the University of Cape Town) – *freshmen, take note. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re not from Cape Town, because a lot of this stuff applies to universities in general. It’s also what I… Read More

Milk what’s left of the Summer (here in SA) and make sure to wear those pretty icy pastels you’ve got hanging in your closet. As I’ve mentioned in my last post, pastel colours are my favourites and I have such a weakness for them! Here is some lovely inspiration from the runways of Spring 2014. Which is your favourite look? xxx

  I’m always a sucker for beautifully soft pastels and Dior’s make up range honestly makes me weak in the knees. These colours invoke the romantic in me and they are just so pleasing to the eye! Keep it simple during Spring, Summer and even ‘rosy’ up your cheeks in Winter! *By the way: I know that my featured image is of a rather old Kate Moss advert for Dior, but I couldn’t… Read More

I’m all about mixing it up with contradictory pieces. Racy leather and demure lace make for a fine outfit, and my personal fave is the Tibi ankle boots! As you can see, I’ve put down an outfit based on clothing and surrounded it by a whole bunch of bags and shoes in different styles. I’d wear any of them with the outfit, but it’s all about your own personal style as well. … Read More

My favourite picks of the week include a lot of feminine and boyish pieces. Mix and match or wear them on their own – they are all classic items that one needs in their cupboard! Okay, so maybe the Cartier is a bit lavish… Shop the look by clicking on the items below:

In the light of recent events (Fashion Week being a major one), I’ve decided to give you a blog post on my take of NYFW, and what I’d wear perhaps. I chose this ensemble by literally grabbing stuff out of my wardrobe, but sometimes when you dress in a hurry, you tend to look better than if you contemplated the whole thing. I like to refer to it as our “basic sartorial… Read More


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